About Flyrite Choppers

At Flyrite Choppers we build bikes the way they used to be: basic, bare bones, wrench-on-it-yourself for the real motorcycle rider. We have basic principles that we adhere to when building a bike. Our traditionally styled frames and all of the bike parts we make & sell are made in-house at our facility in San Francisco, CA. They are all road tested and used on our personal bikes. Our parts are true "Made in USA" items.


We are constantly in the shop working to keep quality high and innovating new parts and designs. Because of this you won't see us at all the big shows - we pass that savings on to you. The shows we do tend to show up at are "riding" rallies. See the home page for show information and other events we will be attending.


As of 2011, we no longer offer a complete motorcycle. Our focus is to empower you, the builder, to use our quality frames and parts to build your own motorcycle or help others build their dream bike.


I have decided with price increases and parts availibility decreases that we will no longer normally carry other people's parts and accessories. We will still provide the support you've been accustomed to by us and we are here to answer any questions on parts fitment and where and how to buy them. The best way to reach us right now is to e-mail us at flyrite@flyritechoppers.com. Rest assured that ALL parts that say Flyrite Choppers on Flyritechoppers.com are made in house and "Made In America".


-Jason Kidd


Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a frame.
Frame lead time is currently 6 months from time of order.
Once your frame has been delivered your paperwork will arrive separately.


Slight frame modifications (rake, etc.) are considered, beginning at +$250. E-mail us at flyrite@flyritechoppers.com for inquiries.


If you are interested in any of our frames, want a better estimate on build times for a specific frame, or have questions, please e-mail us.



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